Project NameQube Suites
DeveloperMacly Pte Ltd
Site AreaTBA
No. Of Units21 Residential Units
Expected TOP2015
Unit Types
  • 2-bedroom PES: 603 sqft (1 Units)

  • 2-bedroom: 420 to 452 sqft (15 Units)

  • 2-bedroom Penthouse: 764 to 904sqft (5 Units)
    Pile foundation.

    Reinforced concrete using Grade 35 concrete manufactured from Portland Cement complying with SS26 steel reinforcement bar complying with SS22.

    3. WALLS :
    a) External Wall
    • Clay bricks and/or concrete blocks finished with cement plaster.
    b) Internal Wall
    • Clay bricks and/or concrete blocks and/or dry/lightweight wall panel finished with cement plaster.

    4. ROOF :
    Reinforced concrete roof with waterproofing system and insulation.

    5. CEILING :
    Skim coat with emulsion paint generally and plaster board at ceiling where applicable.

    6. FINISHES :
    a) Wall
    (i) Internal
    • Ceramic/Homogenous and/or mosaic tiles to ceiling height for kitchen (visible area only) and bathrooms.
    • Cement plaster for living, dining and bedroom.
    (ii) External/Common Area
    • Cement plaster and sand plaster and/or skim coat with emulsion.
    • Selected area with Ceramic/Homogenous tiles and/or stones or any other finishes as specified by the Architect.

    b) Floor
    (i) Internal
    • Ceramic/Homogenous tiles with timber skirting for living, dining and kitchen.
    • Ceramic/Homogenous tiles and/or stones for bathroom.
    • Random teak strips for bedroom.
    (ii) External (If any)
    • Ceramic/Homogenous tiles and/or stones and/or any other materials specified for balcony, open balcony, open terrace (if any), roof terrace (if any), lounger (if any) and staircase for Type PH A, PH B, PH C, PH D and PH E.
    (iii) Common Area
    • Ceramic/Homogenous tiles/stones/cement screed and /or any other materials specified by the architect forswimming pool, pool deck, BBQ area, outdoor dining / entertainment / yoga area, Jacuzzi, serenity garden, shower area, driveway, carpark, walkway, corridor, lobby, apron and terrace.
    • Cement screed with nosing tiles, and/or Ceramic/Homogenous tiles and/or stones for staircase / staircase storey shelter.

    7. WINDOWS :
    Aluminium with glass.

    8. DOORS :
    Aluminium with glass/acrylic or decorative timber or decorative timber with glass panel or glass panel.

    a) Internal Area
    (i) Bathroom
    – 1 shower with shower screen, overhead shower and shower/bath mixer
    – 1 vanity top complete with basin and basin mixer
    – 1 water closet
    – 1 mirror
    – 1 paper holder
    (ii) Kitchen
    – 1 sink complete with a sink mixer

    All electrical wiring to be in concealed conduits and main in surface trunking/pipes. Where there is a false ceiling, the electrical wiring above false ceiling is in exposed conduits. Mechanical ventilation provided in bathroom (if required). Heater of “Ariston” or equivalent. Refer to Electrical Schedule for details.

    The number of TV/FM/telephone points – please refer to the Electrical Schedule for details.

    Lightning protection system shall be in accordance with Singapore Standard SSS555:2010.

    13. PAINTING :
    Water-based emulsion paint for living, dining and bedroom. Oil based base-coat and water-based finishes finishing coat paint for external. Water-based emulsion paint and/or oil based paint for common area.

    Waterproofing to kitchen, bathroom, roof terrace, balcony, open terrace and planters.

    15. PARKING :
    Surface lots / Mechanized parking system.

    a) Swimming Pool
    b) Jacuzzi
    c) BBQ Corner
    d) Outdoor Dining / Entertainment / Yoga Area
    e) Serenity Garden
    f) Pool Deck

    Split type air conditioner (”Daikin” or equivalent) provided in living, dining and bedroom.
    (i) Built in Kitchen cabinet with solid surface counter top, electrical hob and hood.
    (ii) One stainless steel sink complete with sink mixer.
    (C) WARDROBE :
    Pole-system wardrobe provided in Master Bedroom only.
    (D) LOCKS :
    All locks are of “Vbh” or equivalent.
    (E) RAILING :
    Mild steel for common stair railing. Steel and/or glass for other railings.
    (F) LIFT :
    1 passenger lift (”Kone” or equivalent) from B1 to 5th floor.
    (G) INTERCOM :
    Audio intercom to apartments.
    (H) JACUZZI :
    For Type PH A, PH B, PH C, PH D and PH E.
    For Type PH A, PH B, PH C, PH D and PH E.
    For Type PH A, PH B, PH C, PH D and PH E. (Only main concrete/steel columns and beams are provided, trellis are not provided).


    1) Marble, Limestone and Granite:
    Marble, limestone and granite are natural stone materials containing veins with tonality differences. There will be colour and markings caused by their complex mineral composition and incorporated impurities. While such materials can be pre-selected before installation, this non-conformity in the marble, limestone or granite as well as non-uniformity between pieces cannot be totally avoided. Granite tiles are pre-polished before laying and care has been taken for their installation. However granite, being a much harder material than marble cannot be re-polished after installation. Hence some differences may be felt at the joints. The tonality and pattern of the marble, limestone or granite selected and installed shall be subject to availability.

    2) Timber:
    Timber is a natural material containing grain/vein and tonal differences. Thus it is not possible to achieve total consistency of colour and grain in its selection and installation.

    3) Materials, Fittings, Equipment, Finishes, Installations and Appliances:
    The brand, colour and model of all materials, fittings, equipment, finishes, installations and appliances supplied shall be provided subject to Architect’s selection, market availability and the sole discretion of the Vendor.

    4) Cable Television and/or Internet Access:
    The Purchaser is liable to pay annual fee, subscription fee and such other fees to the StarHub Cable Vision Ltd (SCV) and/or internet service providers (ISP) or any other relevant party or any other relevant authorities. The Vendor is not responsible to make arrangements with any of the said parties for the service connection for their respective subscription channels and/or internet access.

    5) Internet Access/WIFI:
    If the Purchaser/MCST requires internet access, the Purchaser/MCST will have to make direct arrangements with the Internet Service Provider and/or such relevant entities/authorities for internet services to the Unit and to make all necessary payments to the Internet Service Provider and/or the relevant entities/authorities.

    6) Air-conditioning system:
    To ensure good working condition of the air-conditioning system, the system has to be maintained and cleaned by the Purchaser on a regular basis. This includes the cleaning of filters, clearing the condensate pipes and charging of gas.

    7) Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets, Fan Coil Units, Electrical Points, Door Swing Positions and Plaster Ceiling Boards:
    Layout/Location of wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, fan coil units, electrical points, door swing positions and plaster ceiling boards are subject to Architect’s sole discretion and final design.

    8) Warranties :
    Where warranties are given by the manufacturers and/or contractors and/or /suppliers of any of the equipment and/or appliances installed by the Vendor at the unit, the Vendor shall assign to the Purchaser such warranties at the time when possession of the Unit is delivered to the Purchaser.

    9) Purpose of Building Projects and Restriction as to Use :
    The building project is strictly for residential occupation only. Private car parks are provided. The open roof terrace/PES is not to be enclosed or roofed over.